Derek generally speaks on mentoring, living our lives with purpose, leadership (with a focus on service), and establishing connection with others.

Descriptions of the programs are below.

Youth Mentor Training Academy (Customizable from 1hr to 1 Day Workshop)

Knowing how to engage students is key to helping them fulfill their potential. This training is designed for youth mentors, education professionals, and youth liaisons in schools, corporations, and community-based organizations. Mentoring is a vital part of any student’s academic, career, and social development. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that everyone involved is fully prepared to be a mentor. For any mentoring program to succeed, it’s crucial that mentors understand how to communicate with and motivate their mentees.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Greater knowledge of engaging and developing youth
  • Relationship-building techniques for increased connection
  • How mentoring has worked successfully through history
  • Life coaching best practices for solving problems
  • Games and activities that foster interaction with youth
  • Activities that open up creative thinking and innovation
  • Ideas for relating to youth at a deeper level

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A Mother’s Dream: How to See and Achieve Success in All Areas of Your Life (1 hr Keynote)

Easily the most popular and inspiring talk I’ve ever given! Every single thing we’ll ever accomplish in our life will begin with an inspiring vision. It was my mom who passed the vision down to me. It was my mom who taught me that my ability to fulfill my potential lives between my ears. During this funny, thoughtful, and engaging presentation I take the audience on a journey showing how to bring their dreams to reality, step-by-step. At the end of this talk, the audience will clearly see how things don’t “just happen” in life, rather, we create our experiences.

Learning outcomes:

  • Crafting and achieving a powerful vision of success.
  • Students will be able to assemble a “Dream Team” of mentors and advocates.
  • Timeless creative visualization techniques that clarify one’s goals.
  • Developing a daily spiritual practice that builds self-confidence.
  • Students will learn to neutralize distractions that disrupt their focus.

Serve: The Art and Practice of Service-Based Leadership (1 hr to Half-day workshop)

Just because you have a title doesn’t make you a leader. How much influence do you really have? The old world way of thinking about leadership was that the leaders were there to rule, drive, and tell their followers what to do… to be a “boss”. The new, fresh paradigm is all about leaders putting their team members in position to win by giving them what they need to be successful. Based on principles set forth by luminaries like Jesus, Ghandi, Dr. Martin Luther King, this interactive, activity-filled workshop teaches participants how to become service-oriented leaders.
Admittedly, this is pretty high-level stuff – like NCAA Final Four leadership development!

Learning outcomes:

  • Steps you must take to build trust and allow people to open up to you.
  • Creating an atmosphere where all opinions are not only respected but valued.
  • Increased ability to express oneself verbally.
  • How active listening promotes cohesion, trust, and connection among team members.
  • How to solve problems by applying imagination and intuition.
  • Increased awareness of the needs of others.

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  • “They needed to hear about the realities of college life and what can interfere with success. Your techniques for self-management and time-management will benefit my students. My only regret about your presentation is that we ran out of time.” – Patti Pinski, Counselor, Henry Street School For International Studies, New York, NY

  • “Brilliance is Your Birthright is very empowering and for all people of all ages. Make sure you listen to and read Derek’s message. You’ll be happy you did.” – Jim Donovan, Author

  • “This was an excellent presentation! Thank you for sharing your experience and inspiring the students.”
    Lillian Katz, College Counselor, Murry Bergtraum HS, New York, NY

  • “The kids could not stop talking about you yesterday – what you had to say really hit home with them.  In fact, the kids that came down to the front to talk to you are some of our toughest kids… it’s cool to see that they can identify with someone and perhaps change their perspective on things.”
    Nikki Scott, Teacher, Essex Street Academy, New York, NY

  • “I was at the STARRS teen retreat this past weekend that you talked at. You were really motivational and moving and the teens in my community havea lot of issues lately and are taking the wrong path of life.  I feel that if you were to come to my school and talk to us people would be inspired and spark a well needed change.”
    Mickelle Funari, New York State 4-H

  • “The students really enjoyed listening to you. You established a strong connection with them and a positive example. Your message crosses lines of gender and race. I’d like for you to come back before next year!”
    Rachel Tinsley, Counselor, Frederick Douglass Academy VII, Brooklyn, NY